Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

1. Termites

Our termite treatments include baiting, drilling, and chemical infusion to eliminate colonies. We also offer preventive spraying to shield your furniture from infestations and damage.

2. House Ants

Combat annoying house ants with our effective treatments, ensuring a clean and ant-free environment.

3. Cockroaches

Address cockroach problems with our baiting and trapping methods. We prioritize eliminating both visible and hidden infestations.

4. Lizards

Lizards, while seemingly harmless, can be a noisy disturbance at night inside homes. Their droppings also clutter living spaces. Our services target these unwelcome guests, ensuring a quieter and cleaner environment.

5. Rats

Rats are more than nuisances. They are extremely dirty, and carry a lot of germs that bring deadly diseases. With our baiting and trap solutions, we ensure a rodent-free environment for your peace of mind.

6. Bats

Gardens and trees attract bats, carriers of diseases like the Nipah virus. Besides being unsettling, they pose health risks. We offer solutions to keep them at bay.

7. Wild life (eg. snakes, “musang”)

From wildlife intruders to dangerous snakes, our comprehensive solutions address a range of pest concerns, ensuring your space remains safe and undisturbed.

8. Bed Bugs

The mere thought of bed bugs can disrupt sleep. Our treatments target these skin-irritating pests, ensuring a restful, bug-free night.

9. Other Pests

Other pests problems? Let us know.

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